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Quality early learning is vital to the future health of our state. It's why the DBREC advocates for investments in quality, access, and professional development--especially in supporting our most in-need children.

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Delaware spends more than $1 billion each year on education, but a lack of transparency means that taxpayers and parents can't find basic financial information about their schools. Something needs to change.

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Delaware Pathways is connecting thousands of high school students with career exploration and real-life work experiences. Find out more about how we're preparing the next generation of workforce leaders.

  • 6 Lessons for Employers on Work-based learning in Delaware
    • A quick how-to and some lessons learned from companies and leaders across Delaware.
  • Delaware Public Charter School Directory
    • Sorted by county, this directory lists all the public charter schools in the state with relevant contact information, including phone numbers, website, and address.

  • Great Schools Delaware
    • A tool dedicated to empowering parents with information on school resources and quality and for parent/community ratings of schools. While it does include some academic data, is it not current and not aligned to Department of Education school performance data.

  • Delaware School Profiles
    • Supported by the Delaware Department of Education, this resource delivers district and school level information on student enrollment, graduation rates, finance information, and academic achievement.

  • School Choice Delaware
    • This portal provides a central location for parents to view a comprehensive list of and submit an application for participating public school districts and charter schools in the state.

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